Microsoft Office Mobile arrives on iOS

Microsoft Office Mobile for iOS

Microsoft Office Mobile for iOS

While people (literally) around the world awaits for the premiere of “Man of Steel”, folks at Redmond quietly launches Office Mobile for iOS. After years of speculation, Microsoft, yesterday released an Office version for iOS optimized for iPhone (ooops, sorry iPad).

The app requires a subscription license of Office through Office 365. Office Mobile is tied into SkyDrive associated with a user’s Office 365 credentials, so it is automatically in sync with your files in the cloud. Users can also open and edit file attachments from Mail and save them back to the cloud or mail them back. It also allows you to create new documents or open existing ones either by browsing folders in SkyDrive or by finding them through a recent files list which synchronizes with your recent files from desktop applications.

The app provides almost the same functionality as Office for Windows Phones devices which really comes in handy. There is no word yet for an Android version but it is safe to say that Microsoft is also leaning on that direction. And if you’re wondering where is the iPad version, that is unlikely to happen because of course, Office apps is one of the major sales push for Microsoft’s Surface tablets. It is also worth noting that Apple, as announced last week, will drop Google searches for Siri and will use Microsoft’s Bing instead for the next iOS 7 release.  Head past break for the images.

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