Instagram finally made its debut on Windows Phone

Instagram finally made its debut on Windows Phone

Instagram finally made its debut on Windows Phone

Widely popular photo sharing app Instagram finally made its much-awaited debut on Windows Phone. The (half-baked) app basically replicates the IU design present on iOS and Android. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to upload and play videos but Instagram was quick to note that the app is currently on BETA version.

Really? Who told them to release a half-baked app? I mean, the Windows Phone community already waited long enough for the official app. We wouldn’t mind waiting another month or so but give us the solid experience. I won’t even dwell on comparing Instagram and 6tag. I just can’t imagine the number of Instagram developers working on the app versus Rudy Huyn himself.

Nevertheless, it’s good news that the official app is now on Windows Phone. The app’s absence on Windows Phone is a deal breaker for some consumers and hopefully, this will finally close that gap.

Here’s my first post via the official app!

The official (and half-baked) @instragram app for @WindowsPhone is now available @nokia #smh #halfbaked

The official (and half-baked) @instragram app for@WindowsPhone is now available @nokia #smh#halfbaked


Vine arrives on Windows Phone

Vine arrives on Windows Phone

Vine arrives on Windows Phone

Vine was first announced during the launch of Lumia 1020 back in July. Now, the growing Windows Phone community can rejoice as the app officially arrives at the Windows Phone Store. Owned by Twitter, Vine debuted last January on iOS and later on to Android devices. With Vine, you can create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see. I’m using Vine on my iPod and on my Nokia Lumia 925 trial device and I must admit that the UI design on Windows Phone is really better, smooth, clean and of course, there’s a Live Tile.

Alas! Here’s my first Vine video which Nokia@Work apparently picked-up and re-tweeted!