The Humble Beginnings.
I used to run a website called “Get Charmed by Smallville” or simply “GCS”– it’s a web dedicated to The WB (Warner Bros.) series Charmed and Smallville. Shortly after the site’s launch, it caught the attention of my avid reader and offered me to host my site (via Charming Star domain) for free. Back then, people hated the “pop-up advertisements” so when my site got hosted, it’s a fresh breath of air because annoying ads are finally gone. The internet landscape though has evolved and everyone is after ads nowadays. In 2004, The WB launched a program called “The WB Webmaster Program” for webmasters and I’m proud to be part of such big and happy community. Warner Bros. was generous enough to provide us promotional materials for their shows that we could use on our site “legally”.

Unfortunately, after being hosted for almost 2 years, my hostee closed her account and ultimately her domain without prior notice so I wasn’t able to back-up my files. Incidentally, I was about to start my thesis and on-site training that summer to complete my degree and so I wasn’t able to do something about my web (meaning I have to start from the scratch).

Charmed Ended. Birth of Naruto.
When Charmed ended back in 2006, I have to look for other TV show or a program to fill-in the spot left by Charmed. At that time, Naruto’s already on air so that’s where I was introduced to blogosphere scene. Blog is slightly different from website, it is more of “your online diary”. And that is the birth of “Naruto Shippuuden” blog which basically features reviews (and downloads) of anime, music and TV series. My Naruto blog back then was a consistent top-rater on Box.net network and been on Google’s top search results.

In 2008, Naruto Shippuuden branched out and introduced “Peeked” – my photo blog featuring “raw and unedited” photos. That year was also extra special to me because both my blogs Naruto Shippuuden and Peeked are finalists to the 2nd Philippine Blog Awards, didn’t win though but nevertheless I think it’s a huge achievement.

A lot has happened so my blog saw a last update in 2009. Main reason is basically work and I’m quite overwhelmed with the American/UK series and anime that I am following. They say that “home is where your heart is” – and I’m finally back and home.

Here are the screen shot of my previous websites.

GCS - Get Charmed by Smallville! via Bravepages

GCS – Get Charmed by Smallville via Bravepages.net

GCS - Get Charmed by Smallville! via Charming Star

GCS – Get Charmed by Smallville via Charming-Star.net

Naruto Shippuuden! via Blogspot

Naruto Shippuuden via Blogspot

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